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01. What is Lendflo?

Peer-to-peer invoice financing marketplace built on Blockchain technology

02. Who is it for?

Lendflo matches small businesses needing cash to investors wanting returns

Small businesses

Need access to cheap, fast working capital to help grow your business?

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Want to earn attractive returns from secure investments?

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03. How it works?

Lendflo is a P2P invoice financing marketplace connecting sellers to buyers of invoices. Using Blockchain and machine learning, delivered through an easy-to-use interface, we are able to remove many of the pain points of the current invoice financing industry.

03. How it works?

Lendflo process icon

Small business uploads invoice

Business selects an invoice to receive a loan against. Lendflo uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm to rate the risk of the invoice and attaches an interest rate to it.

Investor deposits their capital

The investor deposits their capital and selects the parameters as to how it should be invested.

Lendflo process icon
Lendflo process icon

Investor capital is matched to suitable invoices

Lendflo matches investors to invoices that fall within the investors risk preferences and cash is advanced to the small business in the form of a short-term loan.

Smart contracts manage payment terms

At this point a smart contract is created and recorded on the Blockchain binding the small business to their investors that manages and enforces repayment terms.

Lendflo process icon
Lendflo process icon

Automatic repayment to investors

Upon client repayment of the invoice the smart contract is triggered rerouting capital back to the investors plus the interest rate earned.

04. Benefits

Lendflo’s marketplace caters for the needs of the busy small business owner and the on-the-go investor

Low fees

Lendflo’s Blockchain infrastructure and unique credit scoring algorithm tailored to small businesses reduces cost to serve

Fast money

Lendflo removes the need for manual paper work allowing investors to invest faster and small businesses to receive cash quicker

Secure service

The immutable nature of the Blockchain ensures trust and transparency so you know exactly where your funds are at all times

05. The team and partners

We are a team of digital entrepreneurs, with deep financial expertise and technical know-how backed by significant partners

06. Join us

Join us on our journey to create the worlds best P2P invoice financing company

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